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StudentsFirst - Helping Solve the US Education Crisis

An experienced high school administrator, Laurie Kimbrel serves as head of school at Brookhaven Innovation Academy in Norcross, Georgia. Dedicated to improving the education landscape across the country, Laurie Kimbrel volunteers for StudentsFirst.

A nonprofit organization in California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, StudentsFirst advocates for better schools and better teachers to ensure that every child receives a quality education. To date, volunteers have helped pass more than 130 policies and laws to improve education for some 23 million students.

Volunteers contribute by e-mailing public officials and testifying at public hearings. Volunteers also meet with legislators and host events to raise public awareness of the problems that plague the education system.

StudentsFirst also advocates for elevating the teaching profession to help schools attract talented educators. The organization promotes robust professional development for teachers and more competitive pay that rewards teachers for the positive impact they have on students.


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