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The Next Generation Leader Program of Destiny’s Daughters of Promise

Laurie Kimbrel

The head of school at the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, Laurie Kimbrel has a long history as an educational administrator. Laurie Kimbrel also gives back to the local community through her various volunteer initiatives. One of these initiatives involves mentoring young girls through Destiny’s Daughters of Promise.

Headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw, Destiny’s Daughters of Promise (DDP) is dedicated to providing a safe environment in which teenage girls can learn the necessary skills to become confident leaders and productive members of society. DDP works through several flagship programs, including Next Generation Leader.
Commonly known by its acronym Nx Gen, Next Generation Leader is a weekly after-school program that instructs girls in basic life and leadership skills in an attempt to foster independence and build self-esteem. The curriculum focuses on subjects such as general health and nutrition, conflict resolution, effective communication, and cultural awareness. Open to any female student who is entering or attending a Cobb County middle school, Nx Gen eligibility requires a letter of recommendation from an educator, counselor, or administrator.

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