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Three Tips to Bake Better Cookies

Laurie Kimbrel

As the head of school for the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, Laurie Kimbrel is responsible for hiring the school’s staff, planning and leading their development, maintaining compliance with state regulations and requirements, and establishing policy and staff manuals. When Laurie Kimbrel is not working, she enjoys baking, and specifically enjoys making cookies. These tips will help you bake the perfect cookie that will leave your friends and family begging for another.

1. Use Parchment Paper - Using parchment paper for baking cookies removes the need to grease from your cookie sheet before baking. Aside from saving you some time, parchment paper also provides a more uniform browning for the undersides of your cookies,
2. Adding Eggs - For recipes that call for multiple eggs, add each to your mix individually. Though it may take a bit longer, adding one egg at a time helps promote proper emulsion, the mixing of your wet ingredients like eggs into the fat contained in your butter.
3. Measuring Dough - When splitting your dough into individual cookies, ensuring the unbaked cookies are all roughly the same size promotes even cooking while preventing unwanted spreading. Achieve uniformity by using an ice cream scooper to scoop your dough onto the baking sheet.

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